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Water Sports

Snorkeling Makarska

Water Sports

Water polo is one of the most famous water sports in Makarska. An auxiliary water polo playground is set in the sea at the beginning of each summer season. Children, guests, and all recreational players can play, and enjoy watching it for free. Rent a boat Makarska

Also there is an amateur water polo club “Galeb” that used to play at the same playground. And competing in the regional league, until they moved to a water polo hall and started competing in higher leagues.

Scuba diving is one of the fastest expanding sports in the world, also getting very popular in Makarska and the Makarska rivijera. In the last couple of years a lot of new scuba diving teachers opened diving schools in these areas.

An interesting underwater world provides opportunities for even better development for these kind of water sports.

Parasailing Makarska

Jet Ski and Parasailing are sports you can see on every corner of Makarska and the Makarska rivijera, a lot of people find these adrenalin rides an ideal sport for their vacation.

Parasailing can go even till 400 meter above the see, and gives you a nice look over the whole city.

In addition to parasailing and jet skiing, tubes, bananas, bearings are also available.

Scuba diving Makarska

Sailing club

Makarska also has its own sailing club “bura” that nurtures the tradition of sailing, so it offers you additional services such as lifting and boat washing. Boat Makarska is a traditional destination for many competing regattas, among which is the famous Croatian Sailors Regatta. Makarska also has good conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Fishing is an ideal sport if you want something quiet and relaxing. Before it became a tourist destination, Makarska was a fishing town and people made a living selling fish.

Jet-ski Makarska

Today there are not to many fishers, at least not the ones that make a living selling fish, but there are a lot of people who got their own boat, and use it as an escape to the sea and to some place quiet.

Rafting is also one of the most popular adrenalin sports. And one of the best and most popular excursion from Makarska. It takes place on the river Cetina, above the city of Omis.

A wonderful blend of nature and adrenaline sports that lasts more than 4 hours and everyone can enjoy. Makarska holidays

Surfing Makarska

Therefore besides bathing and sunbathing, Makarska and its surroundings offer numerous water sports for all ages and all tastes. Everyone can find something for themselves and enjoy their time in Makarska.