Discover the incredible charm and beauty of the Adriatic Sea and islands in central Dalmatia. Unique middle Adriatic archipelago.


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Excursion to Island of Hvar


Excursion to Island of Hvar

Makarska Yachting offers 2 excursion possibilites to the Excursion to Island Hvar. Each of those excursionsis specific and beautiful in its own way. Our skipper will help you experience and explore the most beautiful parts of the island. And its landmarks and gastronomical offer.

The first excursion offers so exploring of the southern part of the island. Where you will be able to see a few different places and beautiful coves of the island. We will leave from Makarska towards Jelsa where we will stop in a harbour and make a little break for you to drink coffee. In one of the coffee shops or go Excursion to Island sightseeing around the locality and the beautiful beaches. Rent a boat Makarska

We also recommend having breakfast in the sun during beautiful sunrise. Before departure towards the next destination, your skipper can reserve a table for lunch in a restaurant in a beautiful isolated cove Pakomina with a panoramic view.

Our next stop will be Starigrad – the oldest part of the island of Hvar. There you will be able to enjoy the cultural landmarks of that small locality. At the end of our sightseeing we will visit cove Pakomina where we will have an organized lunch and leisure time which you can use so for swimming and exploring the depths of the sea. Makarska holidays


Our second excursion will take you from Makarska towards the city centre of Hvar. Our skipper will leave you at the seafront where you can stay and go sightseeing or enjoy some of the local specialties. In one of the perfect restaurants, if you desire to do so. It is safe to say that Hvar offers one of the best choices of restaurants in Croatia. Makarska boat

After sightseeing, our skipper will take you exploring some of the most beautiful islands. In this part of Dalmatia, and maybe in the whole Croatian riviera – Pakleni otoci.

A group of about 20 islands is just across the city of Hvar. You will be able to take beautiful panoramic photos of intact parts of nature, island and incredibly clear sea during your ride.

We will also take you to cove Palmizana which is a favourite place of sailors from all over the world. Palmizana is a big and calm cove where you can enjoy in beautiful sandy beaches with shallow water. Gastronomic lovers can find a couple of restaurants and taverns with some original specialties. Those who prefer Excursion to Island parties can enjoy in a beach bar where you can drink some cocktails and dance to the music.